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The AICPA presents the Journal of Accountancy podcast. Where we talk about the key issues facing the accounting profession.

Sep 8, 2020

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Finance executives in the United States are more confident about their own businesses than about the overall economy. Why is that? And what is the hiring outlook for companies for the next 12 months? Ken Witt, CPA, CGMA, a senior manager for management accounting and member engagement at the AICPA, provides further detail and analysis on the quarterly Business and Industry Economic Outlook Survey, the last before the Nov. 3 presidential election. What you’ll learn from this episode: - How finance leaders view the domestic economy and their own businesses. - Why election season brought about a change to the list of top challenges this quarter. - The component in the CPA Outlook Index that ranks higher than others by a wide margin. - The business sectors showing improvement and the ones that continue to struggle. - How the pandemic may be changing the real estate needs of businesses.